Thor Ostrom
Thor Ostrom began duck hunting at age 8. He was in the blind well before that, but when he shot his first duck at 8, he was hooked for life. Thor travels the entire state of Washington in pursuit of waterfowl during the season. He hunts big honkers and mallards on the east side of the state and  chases snow geese and puddle ducks on the flats of Skagit Bay and the surrounding area.
He is the current President/Chairman of the Spokane Washington Waterfowl Association where they strive to get their boots dirty in wetland conservation.  Thor is sponsored by P.T. Tully Custom Bird calls. These calls sound great and are of amazing quality. Thor Ostrom is also on the Hardcore Decoys Prostaff team and the Alwine Outdoors Profstaff. With Alwine Outdoors, he is currently in the process of filming a waterfowl DVD. Thor enjoys chasing gobblers in the spring in the northeastern part of Washington, and returns to the coast in the fall to pursue Salmon.

Ty Mertes 
Ty Mertes has always been an outdoorsman. Born and raised in the Columbia Basin allowed him many days doing what he loves. Duck and goose hunting in the many ponds, lakes, fields, and also the Columbia River. 
In the duck blind with his dad Ty was the kid that would stand when the birds would come in and say “dad here they come”. Before Ty was out of diapers Mike, Ty’s Dad gave him his first Duck call. His mom Bonnie saw no problem with it at first. When he won’t go to sleep without the duck calls she didn’t think it was cute anymore. 
While attending high school there were a few mornings Ty would be tardy from home class simply because on the way to class he hear Geese or Duck in the ponds near his house. Run and get gear on, grab his shot gun with a box of shells, and of course his best Lab “Duece”. Ty would then head out to birds as fast as he and Duece could. Soon Ty and Duece would return. Both wet, cold, but with a limit of birds, and a smile on his face.
Has adult now Hunting Waterfowl is still just as important as it was while growing up. Still waking up listening for the faint quacks or honks from the same ponds he hunted as a young man. 
In the last couple hunting seasons Ty has gotten a great opportunity to guide for Mardon Duck Taxi and Guide Service, owned by Mike and Levi Mesesberg and partnered with Shelby Ross of Ross Outdoor Adventures. Ty has enjoyed learning more about hunting waterfowl. Ty loves to share his passion with others. Watching a child get there first mallard drake . 
Everyday that Ty has an opportunity to hunt waterfowl his passion grows that much more. 
Recently Ty has been introduced to calls that have exceeded any other call he has used in the past. “These calls are the best.” Made by P.T. Tully Custom Game Bird Calls. “The call sounds like a real bird, whether it be the Duck or Goose call. By far surpass any other call that I have blow of all my years out the field.“ It’s easy to love P.T. Tully Custom Game Birds Calls. The quality is the best. 

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