Hello Pat,
We bought a turkey call for Andrea (age 10) at the Spokane Big Horn Show.  Attached is the gobbler
she got with her 20 gauge.  It has a 8.5 inch beard and was about 22 lbs.  Yours was the only call that
we took out for her youth hunt April 5.  Thanks it worked great.

Wayne Bergstresser
Mead, WA

Scott York
George Rossi
David Buttner
Tim Epperson
Hi Pat ,   I thought you might like to see just how well your call worked, here are some of the Pic's I I took from my camera.
   I will have more as soon as I get them from my buddy's.
 Your call is awesome it turned honkers on a dime and brought them right in.
 The hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada was awesome 230 birds in six days, incredible.  I can not even begin to tell you the experience I had, it was the trip of a life time
I am glad I had one of your calls.  Awesome Call is all I can say!!!  Thanks so much!!!!


Keep in touch

Tim Epperson
Nick Kunde
Wow! Thank You! I love the new goose call it is awesome I really appreciate it. It is beautiful and sounds like a million bucks. The duck call is looks awesome and sounds perfect. I have been able to pull in the high flying ducks off the Columbia to come take a look at our spread. We have already been pretty successful this year and your calls are bringing them in.  I will send some new pics as I get them. Thanks again I will tell and show everyone I hunt with that Pat Tuly Custom Game Bird calls are the way to go. Thanks a bunch.
P.S. Give me a call if you are ever in the Tricities and want to go hunting.

Nick Kunde
I have been hunting ducks for 15 years and have always appreciated the 
little extras that make a duck hunt enjoyable.
In this case I can't believe the quality of Pat Tulleys duck call and 
duck strap. I have always preferred hand made as opposed to mass 
produce and his products show and prove themselves well. This is not 
my first call from the states, I also bought one from Arkansas, but 
the craftsmanship in this call and strap blew me away.

Now that my son started hunting it is a good thing to show him how to 
appreciate the outdoors and the fact that you can find well made 
products that not only look good, but perform well.

Thanks Pat

Tony Crispo,

Stouffville Ontario Canada.
David Walters     

P.T. Tully Calls.... The Call That Does It All, All The Time!

I have quite an extensive collection of duck calls lying around my house: wood, plastic, acrylic, poly, etc. However, none possess the most important qualification of a perfect duck call.... NO ECHO! That is, except for my P.T. Tully custom hand-made & hand-tuned wooden mallard call. This call has proven to me that the lack of echo is the one weapon I was missing in my duck-hunting arsenal. Cloudy or sunny, rainy, cold, warm and dry...it doesn’t matter. This call does it all, all the time. This season, we killed everything from ringnecks and teal to woodies and mallards using these calls. I am truly impressed with the quality of these calls. They perform flawlessly wet or dry, and look as though they belong in a collector’s case. Try one and see for yourself, you’ll never buy another $200 acrylic call again! 


David Walters

Waterfowl Taxidermy Studios

Lumberton, NC

Larry Young

Where we hunt, the land is predominantly flooded timber and river bottoms. You know the place.... whisper quiet at first light, no wind, and calm water. Perfect makings for some spooky ducks. For years, we have used high-dollar acrylics and low-end poly calls in an effort to find the perfect-volume call for our area. Two things have always ruined our hunts early.... calls that echo or are too loud, and calls that stick when the temps plummet. Well, we’ve found the call that does it all! These handcrafted wood calls are absolutely the best thing since flooded rice for duck hunters. I am truly impressed with the ease of blowing and lack of echo with these calls. Plus, P.T. makes custom lanyards tailored specifically for his calls. If you hunt in the Southeast, and hunt flooded timber and rivers exclusively, you’ll benefit from trying one of these calls. They’ll blow your mind!


Larry Young

St. Pauls, NC

Like any bird hunter, I have tried dozens of other calls looking for one that is easy to blow and really actually sounds like a bird.  I have found lots of calls that have won competitions, but I've never seen a duck and goose judge a competition.  My PT Tully calls are the only ones I've tried that not only have the real world tone, but can be used by nearly anyone without hundreds of house of practice.  I loaned on of my Tully calls to a hunting buddy of mine who struggles a little making calls make bird noises.  Within a weekend he was calling birds like an expert.  That says a lot more to me about a call than a professional caller picking it up and sweet talking bi8rds that have never been shot at.  On more than one occasion I've been hunting within calling distance of other hunters and have been competing with them for the same ducks.  Until I got my PT Tully calls I usually lost that game, but now we can usually win with half the decoys as the other guys.  Besides having the best sounding calls on the market today, the Tully's make sure your call sounds the best it can by hand tuning each and every call they make before it leaves the shop.  To top it off, they are genuinely good people who actually care if their customers are happy with their calls and will go out of their way to make sure it stays that way.  Buy a PT Tully call and you'll never use any of the other calls on your lanyard again. 

Jed Sedlacek


Thanks for the quick response and awesome calls.  I actually cut my teeth on your goose call. Wanting to move away from the easy blowing but slow responding muffled sounds of a flute to a short reed.  I picked up your goose call and became very familiar with it in a few days of driving back and forth to work. Very impressed with the range and rich tone of the call.  Breaks from low to high with little effort and the moans, clucks and double clucks sound just like the real deal. Geese are responding from greater distances and are more determined to get to my "flock".  Don't want to be hunting without it!!
Thanks again!
Scott Craig


RE: PT TULLY Custom Game Calls


     My experience with my Tully African Black Wood duck call has been very positive.  The call actually was a gift from my mother-in-law a couple of years ago.  When I first received it , I had no intention of using it to hunt because it simply was beautiful.  In fact, I thought it was intended to be a commemorative.  When I blew it, I knew right away-no mater how pretty-that bad boy was going hunting with me.  My experience with hand made calls has been that they are harder to blow but not my Tully.  It's easy to blow and the tone is really good.  In fact, when my buddies and I are in the Santee swamp of South Carolina and ducks are in sight, they whisper to me in true southern fashion and say "blow bo blow"!  Finally, I was amazed at the price.  For a beautiful, hand bade call that is easy to blow and dependable in cold wet weather, the price is definitely right.  I recommend the Tully Custom!

David Patrick

Summerton, SC


Hey Pat,
Nice to see you at the Big Horn Show again this year.  I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed using your double-sided turkey slate call that I purchased from you last year.
I have used the same slate call made by a nationally distributed call manufacturer for nearly ten years.  It was a favorite and, to tell you the truth, I took it out on my first hunt that spring.  It worked as it always had.  The next time out, I took my 10 year old son, Nate, and a good friend, Justin, with his young son, Seth.  This time the turkeys would not respond to ol' faithful. I decided to try your call for a change of pace.  With a mouth call and your double-sided slate the Toms went crazy!  I guess with the chance that three hens may be calling their number they couldn't resist!  The slate and the glass are far enough apart in pitch to sound like two separate hens and by adjusting your hand position slightly you can throw the sound in different directions as well.  Even after Nate shot his Tom, the other still remained convinced that there were hens to be had.  Allowing our friend, Justin, to harvest the second bird.
I used your call for the rest of the season calling turkeys for myself, family, and friends. (Nate shot three that spring/fall season!) Gobbling or slipping in silent, if there was a Tom within ear-shot he answered this deadly combo.  It's an excellent product and I can't wait to put some field-time into the predator call I purchased from you as well. It sounds fantastic and I have it hanging on the wall of my den because of its craftsmanship.
So, that's my story and I sent a few photos to pin on your workshop wall!  Good Luck and see you next year, Lord Willing!
-Jack Hutson
Lewiston, Idaho
Attention Pat:
At the Bighorn Show in Spokane I ordered a short reed goose call in African Blackwood, I received it a few days later.  When I blew it, it sounded great.  I took it with me turkey hunting so I could get someone else to hear it.  When I blew it my dads head snapped around and he said that sounds great.  I ordered two more in the Bocote, and Cocobolo and wasn't disappointed.  The African Blackwood is my favorite.  I also received a duck call in the African Blackwood and I really liked it.  So I did the same thing to my dad and he did the same thing, told me it sounded great.  I have a bunch of duck and goose calls in the fifteen to twenty dollar range, I would more than likely have a bunch more trying to find the sound I like.  So in conclusion, I would like to thank you for saving me time looking for more calls and spending money on them.

Avid duck and goose hunter
Michael J Smith
Pat Tully
Here are a few pictures of my birds.  The Mallard, Golden Eye and the Canadian Goose were taken and mounted in the '06 season.  The turkeys have been taken over the years and as you can tell by the string of beards that not all my turkeys have been long beards, but that's ok because it's all about the thrill of the hunt.  The turkeys were taken by archery and shotgun.
If you have a call and would like to add your letter and or pictures please email them to pattully@customgamebirdcalls.com

Pat Tully


2331 Sunset DR

Lewiston, ID 83501


cell (208)717-7442


E-MAIL pattully@customgamebirdcalls.com